About Johnstone Media

Howdy. I'm Jason Johnstone.

I'm a Christian, a husband and a golden retriever owner. I enjoy most outdoor activities from fishing and camping to snowboarding and summiting 14,000 ft. mountains. I've been making websites since 1998 and have enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it.

I created Johnstone Media as a way to take something I like doing (building websites) to help others achieve their business and personal goals capitalizing on the opportunities that exist in a modern, online world.

Working with Johnstone Media

I'm enthusiastic

I enjoy building websites and that's the only reason I've done this work for so many years and continue to do it today. I like the feeling of helping someone create something they couldn't have put together on their own. Having them tell me "thanks so much, this is exactly what I wanted" is a pretty cool thing.

I'm honest

After you contact me and tell me about your needs, I'll know if I can deliver what you're looking for. I dislike wasting time and I'm not going to waste yours. If you want me to build you the next Facebook, I'm going to tell you I'm not your guy. I'm also not going to try to sell you something you don't need.

I'm reliable

My goal is to not only help you with your immediate project, but to establish a positive working relationship. When you need some more help in a few months or years from now, I want you to feel like you can work with me to solve the problem or sieze the opportunity.