Doches Credit Union website redesign

Since 1951, Doches Credit Union has served multiple East Texas counties. I helped them create a new, easier to use website to better meet the needs of their members.


Project Goals and Planning

Just like anything else, websites get old. In fact, they get "old" faster than most things as technology continues to advance. Doches Credit Union's website was in need of some changes to make it more user-friendly, easier to update and accessible on any size screen.

Doches Credit Union Homepage Mockup

I enjoy working with local clients and this project was no exception. Cody Derouen from DCU completed my get an estimate form and we scheduled a time to meet to go over his goals for the site while enjoying some tasty chicken strips at Raising Cane's. Cody mentioned the website had grown over the years and had become cumbersome to use. He also wanted a simplified way to update the site. We identified the primary sections of the website and made desisions that would make the transition to the new website painless.

Design and Development Process

Armed with a clear direction for the website, I contracted with my friends at George & Elma Graphic Design to provide the graphic design. After a few design revisions, we had the overall look and feel of the new website established. Cody provided the textual content for the website so we could be sure that all the necessary information could be easily integrated into the new design.

Now that the design was created, it was up to me to write the code that would make the website function. Since we needed the website to be easily accessed on any size screen, I chose to use the Skeleton CSS Framework to help with creating a responsive design that would function on everything from an iPhone to the largest desktop computer screen.

The last piece of technology that was needed was the system that Cody would use to update the website. To handle this, I chose to use Perch. Perch is a very easy to use content management system (CMS) that can be installed on just about any website. It is also completely web-based, meaning that there's no software to install on the computer and updates to the website can be made anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Project Launch

I met with Cody for about an hour and a half one Saturday morning and we performed the steps to replace the old site with the new one. We also set up some website traffic analysis software that allows him to see how people use the site, what pages they visit and how long they stay on the site. This information will be incredibly valuable for the future of the credit union as it will help them identify new ways to better serve their members.

If you have a website you'd like me to help you get into shape, please contact me.