VBS Registration and Check-In System


My wife is, among other things, the director of the children's department at our church (Holly Springs Baptist Church). For five nights in late June, we have a whole bunch of kids dropped off at our church for Vacation Bible School and we have to have a way to keep up with all of them.

In the past, our church used paper registration forms that had to be completed. Lists were compiled in Word from the completed forms and served as the master roster of all the kids at the church. While this process more or less worked, it was pretty inefficient. Problems included:

  • the list had to be re-created each night (by hand)
  • if we needed to know how many kids we had in each grade, we had to sort the forms (by hand) and count them (by hand)

I'm sure you've noticed a trend. Having to do the same thing over and over again by hand is much less than ideal. Fortunately for us, it's pretty straightforward to create a way for a computer to do this kind of work for us quickly and at anytime we want.

To solve this problem, I created an online registration form that parents could use to sign up their child. This collected general information about the child and their parents' contact details. This way we had a constantly up-to-date list of all the kids that were registered and could sort them in practically any way we needed.

We had several people tell us that this was the smoothest running VBS the church had ever had. Next year, I plan to have an online check-in system as well.

If you think you could use a system like this, feel free to request an estimate.